let’s get it on

Dearest ______,

So I finally bought my first  longboard a month ago.

I spent a great deal of my Korea trip on a bus, just gazing out on slopes and highways and winding masses of asphalt… with the most vivid daydreams of somehow riding them all… through Mt Soraksan and Jeju and then even back to the super highways of Seoul.

Before that trip in June,  I was still on the fence regarding acquisition of said item…  Maybe it was the bad side of 20’s taking its toll on me… for the longest time I shelved the idea of getting unto a board again; of learning a potentially dangerous, exhilarating, and ultimately fun thing all over again.

Then I sat on a bus for eight days straight.  That bus with a Mandarin- speaking tour guide who spoke close to no English.  I had my music with me and zoned out for those eight days on the road.  And then finally, Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get it On did it for me.  We rode three hours straight through nothing but smooth, winding asphalt- an ominous terrain of mountains on one side and a ravine on the other.  I badly wanted to carve that slope like Erik Lundberg or Scoot Smith.

Let’s Get it On, I said.

I flew back to Singapore and  finally bought my first ever longboard.

And we are

in Love,



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