cafe in hongdae

Dearest ______,

You know that feeling of being out of water, when you find yourself in a new place where you don’t completely understand anything and everything you see or hear?  You only sense opportunities of little adventures in getting lost around funny street names and tight alleys.  You feel detached and yet very in tune with everything around you.  You are a fish out of water but you are thoroughly enjoying the view despite discomforts of your quickened breathing.  You feel like the beautiful scenes should be unfolding around someone else.  But everything is happening around, and to, you.   Sensory overload.

Then you catch a whiff of a familiar smell.  You follow.  You get lost.

And only to find a sense of home in waffles and the most comforting cup of passion tea.   Billy Holiday in the background.

The best way to get lost and found, I think.




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