adventure is in here!

Dearest ______,

Don’t you wish you could just get up from that desk and drive away somewhere?  Abandon this mundane 8-5 life and just leave everything in the hands of the open road and the kindness of Lady Adventure…

How many stories have you read and heard about people just walking away from it all- “I sold all my stuff including my car to go back-packing all over Europe”,  “One day I just quit my job and spent a year’s savings to go around and take photos of children all over Africa”, etc. – to really live in the world?

I guess some people really just have it… that unnameable, restless force within that pushes one to abandon the securities and comforts of a life you have always known, to seek adventure…

And yet there is also great adventure in what is generally found to be “mundane”.   There is greatness in the little things too, if you truly care to look.  I would bet everything that I own, to venture (only because I have never done either one) that there is as much fulfillment in nursing a sick baby to health as there is in saving an endangered animal in South America.  The references may be a bit far off, but you get the drift.  Saving life is saving life, no matter the circumstances.

So today,  while we’re still doing this 8-5 thing (mine should be 9-9, actually), let’s try to make it as fulfilling as the open road.   Because adventure is right here! … in as much as they say it is out there.




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