the urge

Dearest ______,

If we all weren’t tied up with long- made plans and a slew of different random things to last us the rest of 2011, it would just be great to go out and buy stuff… lists of things needed and things wanted, all of them  jumbled in the head while priorities change from day to day.

You might be surprised, though, to know that I don’t buy as much as I say I do…  or as much as I say I want to, that is.  It gets harder when you get to work, though.  A career in architecture and design puts a little more salt on these random stings of want, being that almost everybody has this natural eye for aesthetics and such.

My colleague Esther's Jeffrey Campbells. It really didn't stand a chance when she saw it was on sale.
My colleague Nini's cut- out stockings from Topshop.

I think it’s easier to silence shopping urges when you come from the Third World, though.  You only have to think of people you may already know, or go and check the news.  Then you realize that there are so many more out there who need things more than you do.

Shopping urge over.




2 thoughts on “the urge”

  1. aww, ❤ Nini's stockings!

    but you are right, the thought of other people's more important needs do silence the urge to shop for pretty little things…

    also, i try to remember this year's personal goal: live more simply, let go of things/ideas that are unnecessary…

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