voca people

Dearest ______,

Today, my lovely friend Eunice from Outback Steakhouse handed us tickets for the last performance of Voca People in Singapore.

And let me just tell you, from one music lover to another, how this show just gave me goose bumps in its every turn.

This musical theater production gave us a chance encounter with the Voca People… an alien race from the planet Voca!  Apparently, they have been detained on Earth since their space ship ran out of energia.  And the only way to get enough fuel and fly home is through making and creating music  (“For music is life!”) with the aid of  Earth’s rich musical history.  Equally hilarious and amazing, all eight aliens- ranging from soprano to bass, and even to zany beat boxing- were just as powerful as Earth’s music itself.

Performed in pure a cappella, music history has never been told more enjoyably as the Voca People have.  There were more than a few moments when I just wanted to stand up and dance.  It was seriously that engaging.

The Israeli musical theatre troupe tours the world all year round, flying next to France and then New York City this year.  Catch them if you can!




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