go for giniling!

Dearest ______,

There is no shame in it: I love me some Up Dharma Down:  “Di mo lang alam, naiisip kita…lalala.”  I know, right?

For this year’s Globe Tattoo Awards though, why not take on a wild adventure by sticking with the sickest boys this side of OPM’s (Original Pinoy Music) most bad ass?

Giniling Festival (“Giniling” meaning “ground”, as in the adverb/ adjective synonymous to “minced”) is:

1 part singing Jeje

2 parts Jebs and Bombee on guitars, to shred as you please

1 part Lec on bass

1 part Marco, to pound double- pedaled beats

5 parts cheeky humor

5 parts fully potent rock and roll, metal for most

Mix and stir in top- secret crazy sauce.

Serve loud.

photo from http://pulpmagazinelive.com/main/?p=509

5 random things with Bombee (in killer blue Nikes above):

K: Oi Bombee!

B: …

K: Giniling na baboy o giniling na baka? (ground pork or ground beef?)

B: Giniling na baka!

Nice one.

K: Playing the guitar or drawing Bombee’s Daily Comics?

B: Playing the guitar siyempre (of course!)

K: Your dream gig?

B: The Wembley Stadium! 🙂

K: Giniling Festival or Incubus?

B: Incubus. LOL

This after cartoon Bombee pisses on the new album, hmm.  It must be love.

K: Globe or Smart? Joke lang (just kidding), jejeje.

B:  Globe. 09175090478 hahahahaha 🙂

B: Yehey! 🙂

Virtual high five!

Vote for them here!  Look under Indie Rocker, and just go for Giniling!




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