colour blocked

Dearest ______,

When I read a late night text message from my friends at work, saying “Whatever Thursday’s gonna be about colour- blocking!”, I thought: Oh boy.

We started this thing at work where we try dressing up in certain themes, during the most random of events and non- events.  Just so.  And now here they were, telling me it was going to be about colour- blocking.  Oh boy, because the wild wardrobe days of striking hues  and palettes have gone as soon as the global recession sank in around two or three years ago.  Since then, I’ve always had this resolute purpose of only buying things that would surely last (or at least appeared that way, anyway).  Cantaloupe is the colour of this fashion season, my ass!

In the end, I wore one of the most colourful pieces I have left in my closet, which I bought exactly three years ago: the trusted silk and stripes.

I think monkeys have a better shot at colour- blocking than I do.

Yeah, I thought so.

Well then, Thank God it’s Friday!




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