the red one

Dearest _______,

Remember when I said that fixies were all over town?

Another friend of mine’s smokin’ red version came along, a little after that first one we saw did.



Isn’t it a dream?  Black rims for the rear wheel and a red one in front, for accent and a little more playfulness.  It has a certain charm of its own, this Airwalk.

If you had something this good- looking, wouldn’t you want to go everywhere with it?

And in the spirit of going places, this fixie’s new owner is aptly going somewhere too!  Biking by day and toy- making by night, my good friend wwwetworks is heard to be releasing a few of his very, very limited custom- made toys in a San Diego toy exhibition later this year.  I hope to catch up with him soon and hear about this very exciting project…

Until I get hold of him though, I bet he’s just somewhere around town, rolling along on the hot, new red one.




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