winter is coming

Dearest ______,

The things I am  liking very much at the moment are, coincidentally, all in primary colors.  I sense a vague, but nonetheless still impending, spell of the blues coming my way (that’s real life right there for ya- always knocking at the most ungodly of hours- smack in the middle of such a  good time); and I am doing everything I can to stay calm and keep afloat.  Start collecting an obscene amount of colorful things if I have to.

Why is it always like that, when everything seems to be peachy and jolly fine with your life, BAM, real life hits you right on the face?  I would shake the hand of the first person who tells me that he/she has never felt bad in his/her life.  Congratulations!  You are not part of the general demographic, as you lead an exceedingly and abnormally happy  life!  Would you like to trade that for a pair of Onitsukas?  An Adidas x Star Wars limited- edition knapsack?  How about George R.R. Martin? No?  Are you sure?

Okay.  If I had that, how else would I know what happens next to Daenerys Targaryen?   No thank you, you keep your perfect life then.

For now, I might as well just sit still.  Winter is coming, but I shall be prepared.




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