Dearest ______,

When we were only kids, all we had to do was whip out  pen and paper and write F.L.A.M.E.S. on a crush.  This seemed to be the most accurate means of getting a boy, or gauging  your chances thereof.  His full name’s alphabets would go against yours whereby all the similar letters were eliminated.  Conclusively, the number of alphabets left off would then determine whether he was just F– a friend, or a Lover, or perchance an Enemy (this being the worst option available, thence you try remembering non- existent middle names… if only to land being Sweethearts, at the very least).

Now what do mature people do in this day and age, when one gets a crush?  Why of course one writes a poem!  That would seem like the only respectable thing to do,  yes?  

Erik you’re the coolest boy in all of the world

Would you give me the honor of being your favorite girl?

Your bicycle sounds mock me right into my sleep

I count your knowing sighs instead of jumping sheep.

Your long, unwashed hair does not fill me with dread

If only your moustached face were resting on my bed.

If you asked, I would gladly spurn from eating all this meat

I’d adore your vegan lifestyle and your shoeless, dirty  feet.

Hey there’s  a power- pop /  punk rock song here somewhere.  If those power chords fail me though, there’s always an opportunity for doing that Camden accordion- laden, raw acoustic guitar music with these naive lyrics…  Ho ho!

Let’s write some music while we all have a great weekend shall we?




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