eat well, eat good

Dearest ______,

Weekends should always be about eating right, I think.  Weekends when “time” and “conflict of schedule” shouldn’t be issues (and valid excuses) anymore.   Whether it’s food prepared by someone else, or by an unexpected wave of domestic diva-ness in you,  eat well… eat good.

For lunch today,  I lightly seared salmon in butter over low fire, while dashing a bit of rock salt and pepper in the process.  While this was happening, I simultaneously boiled eggs and those cute mini- potatoes in hot water.  I did them separately… although in hindsight, I think it would have saved water and gas if I’d just chucked them into one pot of boiling water.  Oh well.  After all that boiling and searing, the asparagus and the now cooked potatoes went over low fire again, this time in butter and seasoning.  The lettuce was whipped out and washed…  salmon, boiled eggs, and cherry tomatoes all came together on top of this heap of greenery.  Vinaigrette for salad dressing.  Cream of corn (yes, from the can) and toasted wholemeal bread for dipping on the side.

Oh, and a taaaaall glass of O.J. in ice.  Pure bliss.

Eat well, eat good!




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