fat pauly’s

Dearest ______,

When I was only 12 years old and purposely wearing mismatched neon socks with checkered Bermuda shorts, I met (not- so) Fat Pauly who was four years older than I was.  He was wearing those 1970’s polyester button- down shirts that had the wildest floral prints.  This belated psychedelia probably spoke to my own fashion disasters.  From then on, we tried to start a band in order to create all sorts of coolnesses.  This was in 1997 and dear-Lord-forgive-us for truly believing that we were cool.

And here we are today, 15 years after that band fail, still thinking how pretty bad- ass we were. Tsk.

After all these years though, I finally think we’re getting there, Paul!

K: Everybody we know probably thinks you were born with a beer in hand…. But when did you start wanting to create your own beers? When did you actually start doing it?
P: In the summer of 2009, Kuya Peppo (older brother)  and I explored Beers Paradise (in Makati, Philippines) with a beer deck on our hands.   For reference, I took each bottle we bought and found myself back there the next day, wanting more.  Then I started tasting beers from all over, digging up some history of each one I tasted… that’s how I learned about beer culture.
… I started collecting empty beer bottles soon after only to find out that I wouldn’t truly be satisfied with just collecting, so I looked up home- brewing and bought a few equipment  and supplies online.  The rest is history in the making…
Photo from Paul Stuart del Rosario
… Then I self-  studied molecular biology and now I propagate my own yeast.  Next step is to discover a yeast strain and register it under my name for proprietary purposes…
K: Of all this extensive “research”, what would you say is the best beer for different moods,  say, when you’re exhausted or  when you’re just feeling rowdy and fun,  etc?
P: There is no perfect beer… only perfect moments…
K: HAYUP NGA PERFECT MOMENTS. Hahahahaha.  WTF on “Perfect Moments”!
P: Beer can only aid in perfecting those moments and making them legendary…
K: Hahahahhahahahahahahaha
Your answers are legendary.
Now that you’re an  anorexic sexy biatch though, why would you still want to call it Fat Pauly’s?
P: Fat Pauly’s is a reminder of my fat, yet humble beginnings… plus it gives it a certain ring!
Photo from Paul Stuart del Rosario
K: From the Urban Dictionary though, it means something else kind of gross… Hahahahaha
P: Well Fat Pauly’s is basically  F-you-in-your-face beer… kind of Chuck Norris- like… and it is what it is because it knows what it is capable of doing…  And it will really get you drunk.  Hence our slogan
Sink into a state of pure inebriation…

It is highly inspired by Belgian beer culture in a craft brewery in Delaware, Dogfish Head.  Their slogan is “Off-centered ales for off-centered people”.  I follow that as well…  our literature at Fat Pauly’s is that we make anything but boring beers… love it or hate it, at least it’s never boring!
Photo from Paul Stuart del Rosario
K:  Where are we looking at regarding alcohol content and price range?
P: My flagship beers are
Iligan Pale Ale at 7.4%
Sultan Stout at 8.2%
K: Nice names! High five!
P: Smashin Pumpkin Halloween Ale at 8.8%
Infierno Yuletide Ale at 10.7%
Price is 100pesos per 330ml bottle.  (2.40USD or 2.90SGD)
K: That’s a little high for the Philippine market, where the staple San Miguel beer retails for way less than that, at convenience stores.
P: Each production batch, we only make 5 gallons and that’s just about 50 bottles.  Each bottle takes up to 8 hours to prepare until fermentation… initial fermentation takes a week and the next one at least 3 weeks.  Then you have conditioning for 2 weeks and only after then can you drink the stuff.    This process is the ancient way of doing  it…  ancient, as in like the ancient times…
Ask Judas!
K: Hahahahaha
So it’s a bit like gourmet beer in that sense?
P: Yeah… But i prefer “artisan” para cute (to be cute) and artsy- fartsy.
My passion is in the art of brewing while others take the science part very seriously.  It’s like culinary arts only maybe 100 times more complex.  The science part is in molecular gastronomy…
K: I bet it is complex… I mean, there’s a thin line between pure and utter inebriation and drunk- killing someone…
P: With Iligan in the equation, there is no thin line… everything is relative.
Photo from Paul Stuart del Rosario
Fat Pauly’s is currently available at select convenience stores in Iligan City, Philippines (the Suka Pinakurat Plant and Village Mart are its main distributors ).  You may wish to contact Pauly on the internet (Facebook) or his business line (063) 09272432271 to request for special deliveries.
If you’re lucky (or cute enough)… he might just send you a surprise shipment, wherever you are!

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