doll of the day, D

D keeps a real bird in her house, which I think is pretty cute. Isn't this bag lovely, though?

Dearest ______,

I believe I’ve already told you about how people can get very stylish around my office.  Everybody has her own sartorial sense, all ranging from the ultra- girly, to the bohemian, to the preppy, etc, etc.  You get the drift, of course: women generally enjoy fashion… now how much more if they were surrounded by colors, texture, and form on a daily basis?

One of these little dolls is D, who happens to be one of my regular gossip lunch buddies.  I find that  I am constantly telling her about how I love her bag,  or that her shoes are divine…  So I figured, why not ask her 5 random things now about, say, fashion?

K: Red nails or red lipstick?

D: I love red nails, but I’ve never tried red lipstick before… But I’d love to.  You can Photoshop this for me if you want! Hahaha

K:  Surely, here you go!

I promised not to show her whole face. *Sorry D!* The red lipstsick looks amazing on her skin tone. FTW!

K:  Can you describe your personal style in one word?

D:  I seriously don’t know what word to use.  Hahaha.  But I do love basics and solid colors.  One- piece dresses are love too!   Can you give me a word for that? Hahaha

K:  Okay, I dub your personal style… SOLID! Hahaha.  So SOLID, what?  Hahaha

Is there anything you would never wear?

D:  The Lolita style.

K:  …But why???  I’m kidding, haha!  If you were to become a designer’s muse, which fashion house would that be then?  Note that you will definitely be getting free, personalized swag from said designer…

D:  YSL!

At a colleague's wedding, last year.
One of our TGIF lunches, when we celebrated her birthday.

K:  If I did your work for you- one whole day, would you give me your Vivienne Westwood x Melissa gray pumps?

D:  Uhm… no, dear!





3 thoughts on “doll of the day, D”

  1. Love love you karlita :* feel honored to be featured on your little piece of world here..
    Makes me feel I’m still quite fashionable.. Hohoho

    1. Hahaha! you’re so funny, of course you’re STILL fashionable! 🙂 LOL why else do you think people ask you about your stuff everyday? hahaha keep it up! 😀 (something to get you excited for work, hahaha)

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