travelogue: great scots!

Dearest ______,

Scotland may numb your faculties of beauty appreciation.  The city of Edinburgh (read Eh-din-brah) can drown you with the most gorgeous sights at any time of the day, that you may become altogether immune to seeing beauty and its effects thereof.

After all, how does one distinguish what is beautiful in the absence of the ugly?


In Edinburgh, you turn a corner and *bam!* you get a stunning view of magnificent castles;  you walk the other way, and *bam!* a towering Gothic cathedral is right before your eyes… beauty here, beauty there, beauty everywhere!

There is little wonder why Scottish writing greats like Robert Louis Stevenson (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Kidnapped, Treasure Island), Arthur Conan Doyle (high five if you’ve  loved Sherlock Holmes ever since you were a kid!), Walter Scott (Ivanhoe, Waverley stories, etc), Irvine Welsh (Trainspotting), Alexander McCall Smith (high five if you love detective novels!), etc, have thrived in this almost surreal and other- worldly place.  Scotland is a conducive place for creating, as histories of literature and Art have suggested.

It is as if Scotland’s natural splendor and its equally rich history have impregnated the soil with too many inspiration, forms of creative expression- everything just waiting to be born on a windy summer’s day.  The landscape can quite easily plant seeds of imagination into any daydreamer’s head.

Photos 14, 15 by Jawo Bolivar.




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    1. thanks @!
      i’m humbled tito ervin! hahaha. thanks for visiting! i totally lack science and technique, hence the “little-girl-with-her-first-camera” way of shooting. hahaha. hello to tita emma and dennis. 🙂 i saw your site and realized what an immense portfolio you have amassed for your self— pro na pro! you’re definitely past being a wannabe- photographer. obviously you are an experienced photographer, and a good one at that! 😀

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