get wwwet in san francisco

Dearest ______,

You might remember our friend wwwetworks and his sexy bike from not too long ago.  Like I told you a few months back, this guy is going places… and where!  I’m really happy that he’s finally showing a few of his custom- made toys + art alongside the likes of Tokidoki!! and Ashley Wood!! and Ron English!! and… I’m getting ahead of myself here.  Pardon the excitement.  I’m really happy that I know cool people like this guy (and ze fiancee, hohoho).  So let’s try this again:

The first official 3A Custom Toy art show, curated by James Brown, will take place in San Francisco’s 1:AM SF Gallery. The 3A Custom show will give visitors an opportunity to experience the talent within the 3A Legion community and witness how a unique independent toy company, always looking forward, can inspire individual artists worldwide…  This art show will feature a mix of artists and collectors from all around the world uniting to share ideas and a common love for toys and art. The exhibit will be open for a full month and we invite everyone from around the globe to join us and delve into our world for a while!  (4th November 2011 onwards).  – Photo and text from

Mr. Carlo Cacho, five random things, if you please:

K: 3A VS HotToys? Who wins and why? 🙂

Www: For me as an artist and a huge fan of AW (Ashley Wood), definitely 3A.  Simply because these toys are art in 3D form.

K: 5 things you need in front of you when you create toys?
Www: In order, Stephen King’s the “It” clown, David Lynch’s the Elephant Man, Judge Death, Kakihara (from Ichi the Killer), and Manny “Pacman” Pacquio!:D

K: Hahaha!  This guy loves his toys! Your dream project?

Www: Damn, a collab with Coolrain would be dope. 🙂

K: Favorite piece from your 2011 SF series?

Www: I have about 6 pieces, my favorite would be the 2 androgynous androids ELE and EVE.

K: How would you describe your SF 2011 series or your growing body of work? What seems to be always your general theme?

Www:  My set for the show is more into cyborgs and cyber-punks, “Post- Apocalypse” types (that sounds way too nerdy, LOL!).   Although I don’t have any distinct theme for my overall work… a jack of all trades, I guess. 😀

No problemo!  In here- the nerdier, the better! Hahaha!

+ 1!!!

Magkanao magpagawa ng laruan- friendship price? Jejeje (How much would a custom- made toy cost… friends’ pricing? Hehehe)

Www: For friends, a piece would be around xxx USD plus shipping, LOL! For others it’s around xxx-xxx USD inclusive of shipping and tax. 😀 Cheers!

If you’re around San Francisco from November 4 to December 4, go check out the 3A Custom  Toy Art Show at the 1:AM SF Gallery!!!

*Last two photos from Wwwetworks.




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