a guy named fred perry

Dearest ______,

If only for this, I wish I were back in England.

Like every other person who’s ever liked Ska music, Mod, or any other form of good taste (hohoho), I have a thing for Fred Perry.  There’s something very reliable, enduring about its appeal that has really carried it through all the fickle years of fashion.  Since its outing in the 1950’s, more than all the “It” things that have come and gone,  Fred Perry has only become an institution.   An emblem of effortless style, it has always been oblivious to faddish colors and trends, only adhering to real character and timeless depth (hence its iconic collaborations with renowned artists, now and then).

“…Fred Perry never brazenly sold itself.   It never took out huge billboards exclaiming how hip it was.  It has always preferred the discreet route, relying on its timeless qualities to appeal to every generation.  For the Fred Perry has history behind it and authenticity by its side…” – Text from http://www.fredperry.com/heritage/

The skinhead chicks from Shane Meadow's "This Is England" (2006), on being cool.

And you know how much we try:  very hard, indeed.

Photos from http://en.wikipedia.org and Fred Perry.




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