doll of the day: Nikki

Dearest ______,

Impeccable can sometimes be daunting and inaccessible, like how most people perceive  Daphne Guinness– she with the eternally perfect coiffure and immaculate designer couture.  When one is as down- to- earth and genuinely nice as our Doll of the Day though, an impeccable sense of style can only turn more interesting because it becomes more real.  Nikki and I were schoolmates in a good old Catholic school in the Philippines.  Through the years, I kept bumping into her at events here and there, but only got to discover her sensible sartorial skills in the most informative of places… the Facebook.  Her O.o.T.D. posts (Outfit of the Day) have prompted comments and “likes” from people who already know her well, and even those who were just instantly amused by her fun, eclectic day- to- day looks.

As the great Coco Chanel once said, “I don’t understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little – if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that’s the day she has a date with destiny.  And it’s best to be as pretty as possible for destiny.”  Whether or not Nikki has Destiny in mind every time she steps out of her house,  we’re quite sure Miss Coco would have approved of her daily fashionable efforts and triumphs!

K: You always look so put- together.  How long do you actually think about/ prepare what you wear everyday?  The truth! 🙂

N:  I must admit, most of the time I plan my outfits the night before (or even nights before) so I don’t feel stressed.   But recently I just grab whatever I think looks good together. 🙂

K: That seems to work pretty well too!  Are you a stripes or polka- dots (on clothes) kind of girl?

N:. I love them both equally and they look fab paired together as well… “Print on Print”.   I’m loving that trend.  Just make sure one print is smaller than the other! 🙂

K: What are the Top 3 favorite things in your wardrobe today?

N: Maxi skirts, sheer tops and high waisted shorts are just ♥

K: I concur! 🙂  Who are the Top 3 women you look up to…  style- wise?

N: Locally (in the Philippines), it’s Camille Co (a fashion blogger and fashion designer).  Ive been following her since July of this year and I fell in love with her style and creativity.  She inspires me.

Andy Torres- she’s a fashion blogger and a freelance stylist.  She’s the reason why I’m obsessed with blazers and leather jackets!

The Olsen twins- a mix of both worlds!… and they can have whatever they want…

K: Yeah, I’ve been hearing and reading a lot about how Philippine fashion’s been getting the world’s attention! Way to go!  And, well,  Mary Kate and Ash have always been passionate, huge! (and lucrative) within the global fashion scene. 

What was your most unforgettable fashion faux pas in grade school/ high school? Please tell us that everyone should at least have one! Hahaha! (some more than others, ahem, like me-  Hahaha!)

N: The baggy jeans and Birkenstocks- with- thick- socks…  everybody can attest to this! Never again will you see me wearing those.  Hahaha!

K: Hahahaha!  Unless it’s a “90’s Redux” Costume Party!

Someone make this girl a blog already!  Or a LookBook!




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