vegetarian kitchen: besto!

Dearest ______,

As long as I can remember, I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with meat. There were periods in my life (say, college) when I would just stuff my face with these kinds of food for days until it was all I could do to stop myself from thinking about eating again. And then there would be long periods when I would just be sick in my mouth at the mere sight of food with fat or flesh… then I’d go on for months just having white meat and vegetables.  Without ever getting into those New Age- Hippie Vegan- Neo Buddhist ideologies, I guess my own body had just been giving me signs of not being an all- out carnivore, all these years.

So I’ve finally turned vegetarian, realizing what immense humility and patience I can take from a little self- restraint and sacrifice:

So that one never forgets how it feels to not have.

So that one becomes more thankful for what there is.

So that one remembers to pray before every meal: “Dear Lord, bless this soggy tofu and make it taste like fried chicken.  Amen.”

And now, Besto!

While tinkering about the now vegetarian kitchen for a little more variety in my eating habits, I’ve just discovered how it is to do a really “pretty” Besto! last week. Which really just means Bastardized Pesto, for your information. Kindly note the emphasis on pretty. Being that I am merely, generally attracted to pretty things, this recipe might actually be prettier than it tastes, haha! Nonetheless, here we are:

Penne Pasta

Yellow Bell Pepper, sliced

Kalamata Olives


Pesto Sauce (minced basil leaves, garlic, olive oil)

Salt and Pepper

Whip everything together as soon as the pasta becomes Al dente.  Have the whole thing paired with a tall glass of iced tea… or a glass of sparkling Rose, hohoho. The dish already has that nutty, fruity, salty taste combo- perfect for light lunches and such.

Vogue circa 1968. Photo from herecomesthesky's Flickr photostream.

The color palette is lovely, it reminds me of some 1960’s prints.  And that meal was so easy to make, I’m quite sure Besto Version 2.0 is bound to happen very soon.

Until then though, bon appetit!



3 thoughts on “vegetarian kitchen: besto!”

    1. Bakit may “?!?!?!” young cheers mo. Hahaha. I’ve slowly turned vegetarian, not sober! Hahaha. Beer and wine were still healthy the last time I checked. :))

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