Dearest ______,

I was at a job’s site earlier today when I saw this stunning sky line:


It suddenly dawned on me how a lot of people might find it hard to understand how infinitely profound building environments is (unless one is doing just that, of course). Existence is, after all, greatly defined by a quantified amount of space. And all civilizations have also been greatly defined or influenced by Geography and place, or so intones Fernand Braudel.

And so there I was, staring at the random rubble of a yet barren piece of land… an empty space where, in three years time, nine blocks of 16- storey apartments will define and influence the daily lives of many families, friends- people.




Do you know how everything is designed and detailed down to the most minute of nosing tiles? Nosing tiles are those strips of rough surface right at the tip of staircase steps, so shoes and feet don’t slip and slide off. You step on nosing tiles every single day and yet you don’t really know how groups of people have to think of installing them properly, cut the tiles, slap on some plastering or mortar on bare concrete surface, wait for everything to align and dry, etc.

Every trade applied in the building of environments (infrastructures, roads, etc) has it’s own sub- trade, and so on and so forth. It really is quite profound, the whole thing… Like when Agent J opens the locker in Men In Black, and everything kind of pans out to bigger and bigger things, layer after layer.

Here’s to hoping that we build things that truly define and inspire.



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