he said, she said 2: on travel, on thailand

Dearest ______,

He just flew in from Thailand, after four lazy days spent on the gorgeous beaches of Phuket and Phi Phi Islands. Lucky, lucky He, while the rest of us have been having atrocious weather in the city for the past few days.

She Said: Oooh my Goood… how gorgeous were the beaches. Jealousy is a warm gun. Bang, bang, bang. I die…

He Said: Hold shift + ctrl + zoom to see the ladyboy. Bang!

She Said: These coloured umbrellas are lovely. Were you trying to be artsy- fartsy right here? Hahaha

He Said: I got lost looking for the pay toilet. 20 BAHT to piss?!?!?

She Said: Aaaw… elephants! Did you ride one? Did you ride one? I played with some of them in ’06, you know, when I went to Thailand by myself? But it was kind of sad, because they were all cooped up. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ … So did you ride one? Did you ride one?

He Said: Nope. I dont drink and drive.

She Said: Again, lovely colours!!!

He Said: Again, bartender! 2 Singha beers please. Room 338! Kapkunkrap!

She Said: Were the beaches better in Phuket?…

He Said: Hold shift + ctrl + zoom to see the ladyboy (in a parachute).

She Said: …Or were they better in Phi Phi?

He Said: What?

She Said: What was the best thing you ate there? And the worst?

He Said: Best thing: Tom Yum. Worst thing: TOURIST PRICED Tom Yum.

She Said: Hey did you know that The Beach (with Leonardo Di Caprio) was shot in that same, exact beach you went to in Phi Phi?

He Said: I haven’t even seen Titanic so I dont give a shit.

She Said: Rate your average intoxication level while in Thailand, from 1 to 10. 1 being “I’d like one Lychee Martini please, extra lychee kthanksbye.” And 10 being “I was so sh*t- faced, I could’ve woken up with a lady- boy on my bed! Oh wait… he’s still here.” Hahaha!

He Said: 5 (the Singha beers were a little “watered down” – bad Bangkok flood joke there) Haha!

She Said: Amazing photos! Now give me props on my Photoshop skillz! Haha!

All photos by Jawo Bolivar. Post- processed by Author.




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