cynthia, regina, karlita (part 2 of 2)

Dearest ______,

Just as we were heading out of the the Arts House, a lovely little lady in wide- rimmed spectacles came rushing towards the venue. Our American friend then proceeded to call out to her: “Oh shucks Reg, you just missed it!”

With that, all four of us (a slightly disappointed “Reg” included) decided to walk a few hundred meters to Boat Quay for some pizzas, drinks, and a little added action (or compensation) on a Friday night. After two pizzas at Riciotti, I had already deduced how cool Reg was and hence categorized her under the best classification of people I have in my head: the High Fiver. There are a few more sub-groups I’ve come up with (to aid my sometimes social ineptitude), but for now I will tell you about High Fivers. They are those nice, cool, like-minded people you meet, who will not hesitate on reciprocating a *high five!* when the situation calls for it. Because there are a great number of people who simply will not give your raised hand a go, not for cutting you some humiliation or anything. Boo.

From Riciotti, we walked a few more steps to Home Club, where fun times have always been had. They had a few Screamo (scream + Emo music) bands playing inside, so we opted for the tables outside. We commenced on getting some alcohol down and just talked about the most random of things- the rationale of Cake Porn, or (daaamn you!) C.S. Lewis having us believe that Turkish Delights were actually delightful, or our common appreciation for comic books (and let us not become geeky and territorial here, but we all know that they can be called just that, in as much as they are graphic novels). At this point, we all realize that Regina, “Reg”, actually has her own web- based series,


It’s hilarious and witty and even poignant at times (like the entry above, one of my personal favorites). It chronicles Regina’s daily ad(odd)ventures, most of which make for very awkward and really, really funny situations.

Reg, as of yet, does not do this for a living… but would it that she did! She’s really quite good at it.

HAHAHA. Above is just plain shits and giggles. If she’s told you about her recent “escalator incident”, scenes like this from her comics seem all the more hilarious.

Very good night with Cynthia.

And Regina (and her amazing comics! Read it! Read it!)





2 thoughts on “cynthia, regina, karlita (part 2 of 2)”

  1. Yow! I only just saw this post! Thank you again for the pizza and beers 🙂 and for your kind comments and for pimping my comics out <: ) And the collage! Wow… it's got everything we talked about right in it!

    You are such a sweetheart. ❤

    1. Hullo Reg! 🙂 Oh you know me- I can pimp it like a proppa velvet suit and a set of gold grillz, fo shizzle.

      thank you for dropping by and we’re all looking forward to your next penned adventure at! 🙂

      Let us do a repeat of that collage one of these days! Until then,


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