today in happiness: dan hillier and hugo boss

Dearest ______,

More than all of those clothes and shoes and bags, I think what I’m most interested in, passionate about are things evidently made with a lot of thought and love.  I have not enough fondness nor patience for following trends in fashion and each season’s thing du jour, really.  I guess I’m just someone who genuinely appreciates the beautiful things in life like, say, art in all its glorious forms… bags included. 

Today in happiness are two beautiful bags I have been obsessing over these past few days:

The rectangular rayon wool file case is from a very cool friend who got it from a press kit with Hugo Boss.  My powers of persuasion (or annoyance) have been known to do their random bouts of magic just when situations call for them.  Last night, as soon as I felt a strong pang of affinity with its his-hers + preppy aesthetic,  I just had to sequester that beautiful thing from him on the spot.

The printed canvas tote bag was from London’s Brick Lane market.  I spotted a booth with all these amazing Edward Gorey- ian prints all over the place:  on frames, shirts, sheets, and bags!  The man behind the booth, Dan Hillier, was coincidentally also the artist behind all the lovely art.  Just as I was going to ask him one thing, he amiably shouts at a passing market- goer who had stopped to ask about the music he was playing: “Oh this? It’s Thievery Corporation, mate!” 

I’m hoping to buy a print or two online,, but for now I’m just happy I got one on a bag (screen print entitled “Mother” from 2009)!

Photo from
Photo from
Photo from

Two beautiful bags make a little girl very happy on a Sunday afternoon, indeed.




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