teeny tiny tote bags (set 1.0)

Dearest ______,

As promised, here are the teeny tiny tote bags (set 1.0) with the beautiful dolls from work, D and S (thank you so much for spending that fun and spontaneous lunch break at Raffles Hotel with me!).

I haven’t had much time to post- process these photos thoroughly, although I do avoid making images too Photoshopped or “picture perfect”. I hope we share the same sentiment… If not, whoops.

I am surrounded by amazing, talented, and creative people day in and day out… I am immensely grateful to all my friends all over the world, the dolls at work, strangers who I shamelessly follow on- line or elsewhere, and for my family’s crazy genes.

You inspire me. Really. ❤

It’s Madeline’s hat, oui?

Alexa’s shirt.

Dorothy’s shoes (because “there’s no place like home”).

Monroe’s face.

Monroe’s face.

S on being Madeline.

I’m in the process of coming up with another batch of teeny tiny tote bags (set 2.0), which I will be giving friends for Christmas. They’re starting to look pretty good, so that ought to be quite an excitement! I’ll show you, as soon as they’re ready.


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Photography and text by Author unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved.

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