teeny tiny tote bags (set 2.0)

Dearest ______,

The business of giving home- made presents is a tricky one. There is always going to be the slightest bit of self- indulgence from the giver’s part, even if she does not realize this: you always have to assume that whatever you’ve made or created is good enough to be gifted to someone else, after all. Unless you are a cute child giving your mother a doodled birthday card, giving a D.I.Y-ed anything can be quite nerve- racking: Am I crazy to give someone else something this personalized… this lovingly- made? Why can’t I just be a normal person and buy my presents straight from the store?

Being that I am not often self- indulgent (do not let these letters fool you- I am not that fond of myself, actually) and that I have stopped becoming a cute child ages ago, giving these teeny tiny tote bags (Set 2.0) to a few girl friends for Christmas was just crazy. But fun. As everything in a well- lived life should be: crazy and fun.

Taking photographs of the totes echoed the same sentiment: crazy and fun. A lot went down that particular day at work… unscheduled site visits and the horrendous weather, etc… but we still managed to take lovely photos, thanks to the beautiful (and ever supportive) muse, E. I particularly love taking photos of E because, without trying so hard, she’s just really adorable.

Oh, and have I mentioned crazy and fun too?


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11 thoughts on “teeny tiny tote bags (set 2.0)”

  1. love them all! sooo pwetty! πŸ™‚ keep making them~ btw, would you mind sharing where that bow ring is from?

  2. nice job, karla! i was tempted to say – you really are a child of Kreations. but i could hear your titas saying – you are definitely a better version of the old mold! i concede.

    1. thanks….. mother. hahahahaha. i think from hereon, compliments from you shall be deemed slightly nepotistic because by “old mold”, of course we mean… who? hahahahaha! but thank you for generation 1.0. here’s hoping that the next versions only become better and better. πŸ™‚


      1. Am happy to have finally accessed your blog, Karla.

        I should say that the tote bags are very creatively designed in its simplicity.

        Keep on making…..trends do change from time to time.

      2. Hi tita day. Thanks for your kind words. πŸ™‚ saw the iligan-CDO calamities all over the news. Hope everyone from you side is okay. God bless and do take care.

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