i need a (super) hero

Dearest ______,

When I was only 18 years old, I bought a reprint of Sensation Comics # 1 (originally released in January 1942 under DC Comics) which featured then Super Hero unknown Diana Prince a.k.a. Diana of Themyscira a.k.a. Wonder Woman. When I discovered that the issue was actually her very first cover, I figured that I should at least compound that special item with a humble Wonder Woman collection made up of a vintage Wonder Woman tin lunch box, the 1970’s Lynda Carter series (widely available in VCD at that time), a few comics, a poster, a bubble head, a Justice League art book, etc. I could’ve added more to that list, only I stopped fixating about her. I immediately stopped when I realized that Wonder Woman was actually, well, a little lame.

Seriously, Lasso of Truth? These days, a woman only really needs one thing to get her some truth: emotional blackmail… With maybe a few tears for good measure.


I haven’t picked up anything Super Hero- related since, with the exception of reading Alan Moore’s Batman: The Killing Joke (which has about the same emotional and literary strength as all good novels out there- highly recommended).

Recently, a friend of mine exchanged his Batman: Hush (Jeph Loeb, Jim Lee) for a few of our Vertigo titles. Aside from a few comments on characterization and storyline editing, all in all, it was a pretty enjoyable read. Enjoyable enough that I am now into the Bat. More so when I realized that more than just another masked vigilante, he actually is quite the detective (and we do love our mysteries)! The same friend has loaned me two other titles for this week’s reading (one with Bane and the other, Dave McKean’s Arkham Asylum… I know I should also mention that A.A. Is written by Grant Morrison, but frankly, I am not quite a fan of how his words just go on and on so pfft), and I cannot wait to tell you all about them. I am dead set on reading the most essential works about this caped- crusader and compiling a review for people who are as interested in throwing a good Batarang, as I am. These are what I have in mind, for next time:

1) The Dark Knight Returns (Frank Miller, Klaus Janson)
2) Batman: Year One (Frank Miller, David Mazzucchelli)
3) Batman: The Long Halloween (Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale)

If you know of more “essential” Batty reads, do tell!




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