maad friday

Dearest ______,

If I know anything about this time of the year, it’s that it’s mad. And like any rational adult is bound to do, why not up the crazy by hitting two spontaneous parties over the weekend?

We’ve been invited to a number of happenings around tis jolly old time of the year, but between those, and work and, well, Christmas, there’s really only so much we can do (or go to). Spontaneous, only because we decided to go to a couple of them anyway- decisions brought about by spontaneous, mad whims. Because you know what they say,

“When in doubt, go crazy!”

Or something to that effect.

Last Friday, we found ourselves in MAAD PYJAMAS at the Red Dot Design Museum. If you’ve known me since the Dark Ages (pre- Facebook era, that is), you’ll know that Red Dot happens to be one of my favorite buildings in Singapore. It used to be a police station in the 1920’s and now, the Colonial building houses art organizations, small offices, cafes, restaurants, an artsy- fartsy shop, and an exhibition space. Add to these the fact that it’s practically what greets you “Hullo! I’m all red!” every time you’re on your way to Ann Siang Hill (another charming place of low- rise French-Indo-Chinese shop houses; home to a lot of Singapore’s coolest- Style Nordic, Fred Perry, once- upon- a- time Asylum and Books Actually, etc ) from the train station.







All the photos above are from 2007, taken with my old camera. The next few are going to be even worse because I was using the I.Pad’s camera. Ho-ho-hoooly fail.




MAAD stands for Market of Artists and Designers. It’s a dynamic organization of creatives from every possible field of art and design. And every (first weekend of the) month, they throw a flea market cum exhibition cum MAAD PYJAMA party at the Red Dot Museum where people are free to hang out, partake of nachos and beers, listen to live music- all the while soaking in (and shopping for) indie one- offs ranging from art pieces, to fashion stuff, to the plain mad.



For 2011’s last MAAD party, our trombone player’s other band was the night’s featured entertainment. They’re called Instigator Afrobeat Orchestra. Firman (our friend from Straits Records and company) plays the drums for them and is also allegedly this big band’s creator. They played the Special’s Monkey Man with no less than nine instruments (drums, congas, hand percussions, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, keys, two guitars, one bass guitar)! Good stuff! Good stuff!

We were going to get some grub at the Irish Pub nearby after IAO’s set (and Regina’s shopping), but at that point they’d already closed their kitchen. We proceeded to the 24-hour Filipino place, also nearby, where 3 Pinoys, a Eurasian, and an American exchanged more mad stories until they had already ran out of tales regarding pee or poo-heads.

Check with MAAD or Red Dot for their next scheduled events. And no, one need not be in his bedtime intimates when going to MAAD PYJAMAS.
Unless, of course, one pleases.



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4 thoughts on “maad friday”

  1. Thanks Karlita for the lovely letter & musings.

    Hope you enjoyed yourself like we did. Can we share your musings with our friends on FB?

    Enjoy the festivities and what’s left of 2011

    – Elvin

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