seeing alice

Dearest ______,

“Let me see: four times five is twelve, and four times six is thirteen, and four times seven is—oh dear! I shall never get to twenty at that rate!”

-Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Chapter 2, The Pool of Tears)

I was walking through Hyde Park and taking photos of random pretty things when I caught sight of a little girl studying her Maths with her Mum close by. The child was in a sack- like black dress and her mother was in a chic white shift. Both were serene and quietly happy that it was as if they had come straight off a page of some well- loved children’s book. It was actually like seeing Alice before she slipped into the Rabbit Hole… so surreal.

Just as I was sneaking a shot of them both, a strong gust of wind blew through the park and sent the little girl’s papers flying way past where I stood. As if on some magical queue from fiction I’ve read all through the years, I went running all over the place to get the sheets of Math.

When I met her, the child gave me a big toothless smile and thanked me with the thickest British accent I’ve heard since Harry Potter Part 1 (harharhar)!

1) I wish more children these days would act and dress like children. It disturbs me how some parents will just slip their kids into clothes more appropriate for the older set. I cringe at the thought of kids in stilettos when all I wanted when I was a child was to wear long dresses and tutus for as long as I could.

2) I wish there were more parks and “park- mentality” around Asia, so children could actually be children outdoors and not grow up with Park Ville Online or some hideous concept like that. While there is a proliferation of greenery in Singapore, I hardly really see people lazing about them, like they do in Europe and the West. Japanese gardens also tend to give off that “sacred” Zen vibe, that playing around them would seem a little off.

I hope to see an Alice somewhere around Asia, one of these days.


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2 thoughts on “seeing alice”

  1. I, too, wish for more tutus and dresses rather than tube tops and spag straps on little girls…

    and i too wish there would be more parks here in manila where one can actually stay at to read a book or just watch life pass by without choking on smog or looking over one’s shoulder for pickpockets…

    1. maybe if everybody wishes for it hard enough (which prompts action from each other) someday it’ll happen?

      i know, right? it’s frustrating when you feel how long a shot it is for places like Manila. public spaces (parks, roads, plazas) are great testaments and measures of civilizations present and past. if a place makes you constantly fear for your life (health and safety), maybe that place is still not as civilized (and livable) as it should be. LE SIGH!!! what can we do about this country of ours?? hahaha

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