doll of the day: daphne on vogue italia

Dearest ______,

I’ve been living away from home for quite some time now; meeting a whole lot of characters from different parts of the world, so I’d like to believe that I don’t hold obscure and lofty ideas of how other people might perceive my country, the Philippines. While there is much to love about it, there is also too much funny business everyone else sees on the news. I love my country because it will always be home, but I am not blind to all that it lacks and all that it suffers from.

Every time I read Daphne’s blog though, I heave a sigh of relief because she never fails to remind me of the more important (and often over- looked) fact that, after all, the Philippines is essentially still a rich country. It’s rich where it truly matters- culture, beauty, kindness, strength, heart.


Being a public figure (a TV presenter for her own home design show, and a journalist), Daphne is a class act. In this day and age of shock personalities, she has remained credible; a true lady, all through the years. Note to chauvinist pigs of the world: Filipino women are more than what most of you perceive them to be. They do have degrees in Art History and Urban Design and apparently, they do know more than you ever will of the civilized, cultured world.




With her designs for Daphne furniture, linen, and jewelry, she creates beautiful living spaces and pieces that truly inspire.

As a United Nations special advocate for children in the Philippines, and a National Geographic ambassador too, it’s heartening to see people like her stepping out of the comfort and complacency social status can bring, in order to “live curious” of and with, the real world.

And now, Vogue.

It’s amazing how a major publishing establishment like Vogue (and Vogue Italia at that) has finally discovered such a gem like Daphne- she’s everything any lady, Vogue- reader or otherwise, should aspire to be.

Here’s Daphne on Vogue Italia.



All photos are from Daphne’s blog.


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3 thoughts on “doll of the day: daphne on vogue italia”

    1. Dearest Daphne,

      My words don’t even begin to describe what an amazing human being you are. But thank you, for this message. And thank you, for showing the world how it is to be truly fulfilled. 🙂

      God bless you and your lovely family.


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