(semi sad) thoughts while on a (super shoe) high

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania for Melissa wedge sandals in cream.

Dearest ______,

I’ve been dying to get hold of any one thing from the very successful VVA x M collaboration, but never got around to doing that until I was literally standing in front of  Mix at Greenbelt 5 in the Philippines.

And they are just gorgeous.  Many days after their procurement,  I still can’t get over how beautiful the form of the wedge is.  Count on Vivienne  Westwood to come up with  the most graphic elements!  The colour (muted) and the shape (architectural) suit my taste perfectly.  From here on, I shall refer to this pair as my Super Shoes.  Now here come’s the semi- sad part…

While I was walking around my parents’ house with these shoes on last week, I thought of asking my dad to take pictures of me.  He’s almost 60- years old and he still does all these crazy things for me!

Semi- Sad thought while on a Super Shoe high: parents do get old.  Of course I’ve known about this since I was a child and constantly fearing for both of my parents’ lives every time they went away for business… but seeing my dad get a little more grey hair every time I visit him, gives me inexplicable pangs of oh-god-i’m-gonna-cry at the back of my throat.  Parents do get old and at the same alarming rate that your younger cousins do!  So thus comes this other semi- sad thought: I have to show these people how much I care about them, every single day that they get older.  I get the same tightness at the back of my throat just thinking of the many futile ways I try to delay their ageing.  Because when you love people that much, you really want to keep them- the way you’ve always known and seen them- for as long as you can.

You’d think that I would get happy, nice thoughts while on a shoe high!  Hahaha.  I’m sorry!  I’m just weird that way!

Lovely, lovely shoes though, right?


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8 thoughts on “(semi sad) thoughts while on a (super shoe) high”

      1. drama pala ng words mo! ngayon ko lng nabasa 🙂 pictures lng tinitingnan ko 😀

  1. “Because when you love people that much, you really want to keep them- the way you’ve always known and seen them- for as long as you can.”

    Sorry Karla, but this clause really made me cry. I was very melancholic the whole Monday late afternoon thinking about past times these year. I was eager to forget my loneliest and forgive the unthinkable. I just talked to my parents this morning while getting myself ready for work. It was fun being able to speak live (thanks to video call :))

    Love you Super Shoes.. once im okay ill show you my Wonder Shoes! 🙂 ill write it down here.

    Heart for you,

    1. Aaaw Koko, it’s okay. Sorry this letter made you even sadder! X-S …This year has been quite a year of all of us, I bet. So let’s make 2012 even more meaningful with people who really matter- family and good friends. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your Wonder Shoes too 🙂

    1. last week, before i went to iligan 😦 i was there only for lunch, hassle sa muscle the time constraints. oh well, maybe next time 🙂 your ugly doll, i’ll have to send through the mail nalang cause my luggage was too full…

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