vegetarian kitchen: shinryoku

From L-R Ginko Beans, Lady Fingers, Eggplant, Chilli Pepper, Mushrooms, Cherry Tomatoes.

Dearest ______,

Have I ever told you that I used to study Nihongo (the Japanese language) in college?  I have a Degree in Architecture and a minor in Messing-Around-in-Applied-Schizophrenia.  And for most of my five years in school, I lived with a 1/3 Japanese roommate (the best ever– clean, quiet, with lots of Miso soup around, hai!) who went back to visit her family in Japan during school breaks.  We had always thought that  I would get to go along with her during one of those trips, so we both tried to learn the language at some Language Center- apparently she was really bad at it too, at that time.

We went to lunch at a quaint little Japanese restaurant near the office earlier today called Shinryoku.  This word roughly translates to dark green.  I had to Google the meaning of this word, which  only displays my command of the Japanese language… I suck.  Bakero!!!

So I had Smoked Vegetables with a pinch of salt.   They served this with a bowl of rice and, of course,  some Miso soup.  Cold Sake on the side.

I may know shi-to about Nihongo these days, but that meal was OISHII DESU! 



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