zouk in 2011 and beyond

Dearest ______,

When you’ve accepted the reality of falling off the proverbial Party Bus (those binge days of going out and looking for “happening” places weekend after weekend), there are really only few events that you truly look forward to attending.

That spontaneous weekend I was telling you about, was around the same time our friends invited us to their annual Zouk In party.  We’ve been invited every single year, but this year, we actually showed up.  If you’ve been to Singapore as an avid Night Owl, of course you’ll know that Zouk Out is the annual over- night dance music festival Zouk holds at the Sentosa beaches, where they invite DJ’s from all over the globe to spin for an astounding throng of people in their (hopefully) best beach bodies.  Think Woodstock, only for all kinds of dance music (House, Techno, Electronica, etc).  And to commemorate said event, our friends annually rent hotel rooms around these beaches, where they also hold their own parties for other friends who might need breathers from Zouk Out’s all- night madness, and for those who simply just want to party Zouk In– style.

For Zouk In 2011,  they rented two adjacent hotel rooms at — and did as the people at Zouk Out do.  There were bouts of  madness of course- you can easily tell by the sight of everybody donning his or her own wine bottle at the end of the night and everybody kind of just talking to no one and everyone else at the same time.  Crazy fun!

I’ve been trying to make sense of these photos-  sequence, meaning, and all… and the best I could come up with is that everybody sure had a good time.  How much sensible can a party get, right?

For next this year, if the authorities haven’t caught on yet, we should all definitely be hitting Zouk In! 


If there’s one thing we should all resolve on doing this 2012, it’s to live FULFILLING and HAPPY lives, where ever the year takes us!  Cheers to 2012!



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