santorini- esque

Dearest ______,

Who doesn’t want to go to Greece?

Okay, maybe the people who were forced to hide inside a tight Trojan Horse… but in this day and age when Travel is becoming more and more accessible…

who, in their right mind, would not want to go to Greece? Not too long ago, I was pleasantly surprised by a private resort in the Philippines (also in Tagaytay) because it had the craziest likeness to the Greek island of Santorini.

You can always count on a super events planner- turned- bride to find a wedding location as gorgeous as this place

Straight from the small driveway, I was greeted by this impressive, verdant sculpture. Awe- stricken, I managed to say hullo back.

Architecture always does the trick, I think.

Create an organic form, nonchalantly finish it with textured white paint, build down inside it spaces that cascade off a mountain’s face, orient it to maximize unobstructed views of expansive beauty, permit as much air and light and laughter inside.

But the key is always to create organically… nonchalantly… light- heartedly. Because I find that the most beautiful things (be it in architecture or fashion or art) look unaffected, natural, not forced.

I was doing that 360- degree thing one does when quickly scanning a place, when I abruptly stopped at the sight of this:

This was probably what Louis Armstrong saw when he sang, “…and I say to my self, what a wonderful world….”

Going back into the building, the foyer was an extension and an introduction of everything that the house was (if such a contradiction is possible). Even there, windows were positioned to face as much scenery as possible. In Tagaytay however, I’ve learned that that wasn’t such a tall order, since one can see the lake and the surrounding mountains from a lot of different angles.

I realize that even the most minute details were all coherent; the decors were painted in the same rough, weathered way that the building facade was. Notice how the clay pot above and the Jazz musicians below are painted very similarly…

From the foyer, we went down a dramatic staircase made of pebble- washed flooring with a sculptural, solid timber balustrade flowing down with its steps.

I don’t believe Alice had such a beautiful view when she came falling down.

Everything came together in that house. And it wasn’t like it was annoyingly over- done too. When I plopped down the white couch to take all these in, every single detail seemed to hum with a quiet sense of purpose.

Can you imagine what mirth and laughter went into the decision of putting a looming naked man right into this wall? I live for the discovery of these random, silly things because they tell you how other people (strangers, really) have the power to make your day.

I have it in great authority that there is a small Greek eatery along the highway, which serves the best Mediterranean food that side of town. Why not drive by there for some take- away grub and then eat them in this Santorini-esque resort? You can even re- enact scenes from Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, when the movie was shot in Greece!

…and I haven’t even seen that flick yet!

Okay, I have. Maybe thrice.


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11 thoughts on “santorini- esque”

      1. cge ha? Papuntahin mo ako jan!!!! Nice! Galing! Marvelous! Awesome! Great! See Pai Ho!

  1. karlalutski i really enjoy reading your posts 😀 matindi … ang galing ng pagkagawa sa iyo ng tatay at nanay mo at nakuha mo ang lahat ng dapat manahin sa kanila.. syempre pa may nakikita rin akong nakuha mo sa akin kahit papaano ^-* hay naku… talaga namang in this world we can not have everything. Kasi wish ko sana ay nahanginan man lang ako ng kaunting kaalaman sa pagsusulat. … on the other hand, mabuti na rin siguro at kung hindi eh sureness madami na akong nakaaway bwahahaha! lab yah :*

    1. hahaha! thanks tita min! 🙂 …lahat ng “ka-artehan” ko eh surely sa inyo ni tita mylene ko nakuha… in english “beauty appreciation”, para mas nice pakinggan, hahaha! i will keep on writing para lagi kayo happy at natatawa! ❤

  2. beautiful piece!

    i agree with minda “nakuha mo ang lahat ng dapat manahin sa kanila” 🙂 actually, you’re a lot better than both of them! ha ha ha!

    miss you, hope we see each other next month when we visit 🙂

    1. thank you, tita jay! 🙂 i think all good parents would gladly concede to their children, kaya nga sabi ni mama “version 2.0” na daw ako, haha! although you guys are just being kind, kasi iba pa rin ang original! 🙂 would love to meet with you over dinner here in SG, if your travelling time permits! PM me then!

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