doll(s) of the day: that killer, cooler combo

Dearest ______,

I’m just hanging out with my friends this windy January afternoon in my house. Chillin’, as cooler people would be more inclined to say.

Speaking of cool people, would you just look at that:




My ultimate girl crushes Alexa Chung and Zooey Deschanel, oh, you know, chillin’.


Seeing these two together in photos, there is now a great possibility of the world imploding with too much awesomeness. Normally I would fear that much amount of cool, but I do look forward to any chance of seeing these sweethearts in any form of collaboration again. Maybe a magazine editorial? A fashion shoot? A film? A demo recording? Plain mischief?

Cheers to cool friends and their cooler photography devices! Like my friend’s Incredibooth (photo booth) I.Phone 4S app:


Totally unrelated, shameless self- indulgence up here, by the way. But that’s what we’re all about around here, if you haven’t noticed yet, hohoho.



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6 thoughts on “doll(s) of the day: that killer, cooler combo”

  1. Got surprised when Kaye and Kyr showed me your photos with short hair. But, no worries…you look cool and trendy with it.

    Keep up with your interesting blogs and posts.

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