today in happiness: mail from your best friend in LA

Dearest ______,

I love getting actual Mail, especially during these times of Instant Messaging and E- mails just being more convenient for everybody around the world.  Don’t get me wrong- there’s nothing bad about “Hey!  W3r U at?  Howz lyf?  Mizz & Lab U! xoxo”, at all (well aside from the obvious disregard for basic, existing rules of the English language, that is).   It really is the thought that counts, after all.  Imagine how I would go about sending you letters every so often, if it weren’t for the Internet!

But I do love getting anything from the Mail.  I guess sending real mail just makes things more personal and special, because nobody does that too often anymore.

In light of these musings, happiness today is getting a box from the Post Office, and from my best friend who lives all the way in California at that!

That’s his actual hand writing up there.  It’s funny and amazing, how it’s never changed since we were around 12 years old!

Inside the box, I pulled out a bunch of bundles in thin paper wrappers and ripped them open, one after another.  Each bundle bore random cute things inside.  It was like Christmas morning in one box- I totally had no idea what I would be seeing next!

Most of these things were bought from Anthropologie, one of the nicest lifestyle + fashion shops on the Internet today!  Look at this lovely mug with my initial on it in a romantic Serifed typeface… it now sits on my office desk, because my Hello Kitty mug of four years was just waiting to be changed.

He also sent me a weaved leather bag from Bloomingdales in this cool gun- metal finish:

Also from Anthropologie were the most adorable kitchen oven mitts and apron!  Raawr I suddenly want to do all sorts of  cuteness in the kitchen with these things!

Then I got the loveliest set of magnets which featured Edgar Degas’ Ballerina paintings in miniature!  Culture and cuteness in one.

The best though, would be the sweetest greeting card and letter, reminding me why we’ve been friends for the longest time.  Happy 2009!, indeed.  HAHAHA!

Although I could really be mixing my dates up… because there are time zone differences between Asia and the US, after all… so for all I know, it could still be 2009 in Los Angeles “La-La Land” California right now.

He’s got one thing right though- wherever and whenever-

it is going to be HAPPY!!!

Thank you, thank you, my dearest.

XOXO, TTFN, and all that Instant- Messaging lingo.


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More letters, more love!

Photography and text by Author unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved.

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