conversations in a cafe

Dearest ______,

I had lunch with one of the dolls from work today, S. We walked a block from the office to finally check out Cafe de Jardin at Shaw Towers (which is not to be confused with a similarly named restaurant in Covent Garden, London- Le Cafe du Jardin).

While I might generally be a minimally- clad girl (not much floral dresses and be-jeweled finger nails around here), there’s just something about Victorian prints and design that tugs at my ultimately girlish heart strings.  Now look at these lovely little cards they had on their counter…


Their equally lovely menu had a humble selection of sandwiches, salads, pastries, drinks-  your regular cafe fare, basically.  I had the Garden Sandwich (name suggests content, obviously) in Focaccia bread and S had the Duck in Wheat.  They served these sandwiches with a side of salad in Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil.  My taste buds are quite under- achievers, so you would probably do better to taste their food yourself.   I wouldn’t know about you, but  I actually enjoyed my lunch, thank you.


Pretty shot, by S.

S is actually leaving the country in a month’s time, and leaving our office even sooner than that.  I am very happy that she’s finally going to Australia to further her studies; living there by herself for about three years.  Practically having lived away from home since I was in University,  I keep telling her it’s an amazing experience, living away from home.  It makes you think more, it makes you indifferent, it makes you happy, it makes you melancholic, it makes you fulfilled, it makes you frustrated, it makes you audacious, it makes you feel small.

While it takes most people a lifetime to truly and completely know him / her self, living away from one’s comfort zone and challenging one’s self with unfamiliar circumstances from time to time, will definitely help you get there a little faster.




I  keep telling S that I’m actually kind of jealous that she’s going away.  But Singapore is still my on- going big adventure because I still discover new things to love about this city every single day… like  Cafe de Jardin (at 100 Beach Road #01-52 Shaw Towers)!

I wish my dearest S all the best because I am sure the world waits for her awesome little self. ❤

For now though, this is my playground.   And you are my Playground Love.



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