today, a Tibetan monk

Dearest ______,

You might already have guessed where I’ve been as of late. I know not much people who are genuinely interested in what others do for a living, so I’m just skipping the nitty- gritty parts about my job.

I guess I’m one of those neurotics “by nature”, hence the propensity to choose the East Coast (i.e. a cloudy New York) over the West (i.e. a sunny California) any given day. People have been telling me to relax, chill, chillax, when nobody knows how much I want nothing else but to go back to my parents’ house, dive completely under their bed covers in a warm fetal position and forget about the whole world for a day. Or two. Or five.

I once read about how, through the mastery of meditation, Tibetan monks could raise their own surface temperatures without changing their core body temperatures. The best of them can withstand the coldest spells of the Himalayas, it’s said, because of this uncanny ability to hike body temperatures up without much external stimulus or help. It can be assumed then, that through meditation, these monks can put themselves in two different circumstances at any single period of space and time. Yes, you can chew your food while gabbing about your day, and Beyonce can hit those high notes while she’s dancing. But try applying this same principle to something as intangible as internal bodily functions, or metabolism, or feelings.

I am not turning Buddhist, only, I aspire to master the art of being in touch with different planes of myself while I am in any given situation. I realize now, that this could very well be the best way of saving one’s self from perilous things like all kinds of stresses and of course, one’s own self.


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