old school, old is cool


Dearest ______,

While humans are most naturally inclined to evolve, we also have keen, built- in senses of remembrance: elephants are not the only creatures that never forget. And in keeping with our need for both looking back and thinking forward, I find that we must preserve traces of our developments, inasmuch as we study possibilities for what lies beyond.

What better gauges of civilizations than architecture, literature, science, art, philosophy, and the like?

Salisbury Cathedral
Old Victoria Theater

I appreciate decisions aimed at preserving the old (be it natural life or built environments): like how Singapore has perfectly merged “old-meets-new” by keeping its Colonial facades from the early 1900’s with the many skyscrapers of today; how UNESCO has made it their 40- year old mission to protect rich cultural histories all over the world; how older generations pass on traditions by way of bestowing heirlooms, sharing family recipes, telling stories, writing letters…

Covent Garden


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