the beetles

Dearest ______,

51 years ago, the Beatles “made their debut at The Cavern Club in Liverpool, England”. (Rolling Stone, February 2011). Not too long after (in 1964, specifically), their seminal appearance on US television’s The Ed Sullivan Show- amid a throng of screaming, hormonal American girls of the 60’s- heralded the worldwide phenomenon that was, is, Beatlemania.

I wonder if it had even occurred to them when they first played in that Liverpool pub, how much they were bound to change; shape the history of rock, nay, mankind in just a few years’ time.

Oh, Destiny. You really have your humorous ways. Imagine how huge a single and seemingly simple incident can become!

To celebrate small things that hold the biggest possibilities (just like it’s the 9th of February- 1961), in the words of good ol’ Ed Sullivan:

“… Ladies and gentlemen, the Beatles.”


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