how’s it hanging?

Dearest ______,

How’s it hanging?, you may want to ask.

Nothing much, really.  The usual regimen and randomness of everyday.

Yuki the Uke.
Christian Dior, being the chicest way of accepting one's deficiencies.
This month's necessitating of the unnecessary. Although, it always feels great to be able to see traces of Jeremy Geddes in photos involving new acquisitions.

I’ve loved Jeremy Geddes’ work since my friends told me about him a couple of years ago.  All of my gadgets’ screen wallpapers are of his art, like

A Perfect Vacuum here.

One day, when I’ve gotten my own place, I might just buy all sorts of art from people whose work I truly admire.  I’ll put them all up on my sitting room’s white, high wall and show everybody who will come to visit me.  So when you ask me then, I might just say

Oh it’s all hanging quite beautifully, thank you.



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