letter to you

Dearest    Mykee   ,

So you’re gone.

Last Thursday night, in between eating my Banana Nut Crunch midnight snack and checking emails…

there you were

…written in past tense all over Facebook alerts.  Everybody seemed as confused as I was (“What?  She’s gone? Will someone explain this to me, please? What?  Mykee’s gone?”).  If you’d only read those messages of bafflement getting thrown about on Facebook, being the ever- keen and intelligent journalist that you were, I could just hear you say in your brand of quiet exasperation: “Oh my God, people, yes, I’m gone.  Anobah.  And most people probably didn’t know that about you- your propensity to get really, really agitated- because you were an altogether calm, sweet, soft- spoken little lady.

They probably didn’t know how Philippine politics drove you to brinks of meltdowns; how it would lead you to relentless rants bashing impunities granted to the tyrants that govern; how it would literally just break your heart, when you heard about injustices in the Philippines.  Oh, Mykee.   Beside you, everybody’s a selfish airhead.


And you were always so sure.  So sure of what you wanted.  What you liked.  What you didn’t like.  I always envied how you could just decide on something and did it.  That’s why we always liked talking to you.  Because the rest of us were always on the fence about ourselves.  You- unshakeable.  Which, again, went against how seemingly delicate you were in person.  You were always an amazing combination of strength and kindness.

You probably would not believe what blow the news of your passing had been to me.  We were all hardly around for each other these past couple of years… I’m here.  You’re there.  Everybody is everywhere else.    Thank God for the Internet. Thank God for letters.  Although you once said how much it touched you that I sent you presents every single Christmas, even when you’d made it very hard for all of us to find you and your nomadic ways…  Merry Christmas, dearest Mykee.  Now you’ve made it supremely hard for me to send you a present this year.


Maybe if I sent your little boys simple treats for Christmas instead, you’d love that?  I just know that you will.

Happy Birthday this June, dearest Mykee.  I’m not surprised you’ll be celebrating your 28th birthday like all the other greats of this world- Jean Michel- Basquiat, Cobain, Morrison, Joplin, Hendrix, etc.

I always knew you were meant to be alongside the extraordinary.

Keep still and be peaceful, where your favourite summers are forever and every day...


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2 thoughts on “letter to you”

  1. so young. so promising. and gone. may she find eternal rest in the presence of the Lord. may those she left behind be strengthened by the love that surrounds them. and solace in the memories they cherish. mykee – you’ll be sorely missed.

    1. … i think she battled with her illness for far too long, her body just “expired”, as her doctors/ nurses said. now she’s hopefully resting and at peace with her loving Maker. if God needs a lawyer, at least she’s up there for legal advice, hehe. 🙂 she was studying Law too… like i said, beside her, everybody’s an airhead. 😀

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