not so teeny, not so tiny, still a tote bag (for S)

Dearest ______,

Before my friend S left for Australia (for further studies in Architecture), I gave her a tote bag made of chairs.

I painted a few of my all- time favourites, actually… the Barcelona chair from 1929, the Egg chair from 1958, and the Panton chair from 1960.

I admire a lot of creative people in this day and age, of course, but one is always partial to those whose visions have long- endured the scarily fickle principles that determine good design.  These masters have made pieces of furniture so definitive of the style eras they were born into and yet did them quite intelligently (that is, with utmost respect for proportion and ergonomics), that their works have withstood many other style eras that have come and gone since their inceptions… more than 50 years to almost a century ago! 

Mies Van Der Rohe (Barcelona Chair, not pictured)
Arne Jacobsen (Egg Chair)
Verner Panton (Panton Chair)

Like I told S, S should stand for Style as it should also stand for Substance.

I believe in this symmetry so much, Style with Substance, that I strongly feel that it could also cover any other aspect of our lives, and not just while we’re creating things:

Random Scenario 1:  At a party, when you mistake a stranger for someone else…  Substance dictates that the mature thing to do would be to properly introduce yourself.  Style will allow you to fashionably say:  “I saw your amazing shoes from across the room and I just had to ask you where they were from!”

Random Scenario 2:  At work, when you have to close a deal with a very important client…  Substance will say exactly what needs to be said- facts, experience, reason, etc.  Style- presentation, bearing, and even that very smart tweed jacket- will get you halfway there.

Jacket, KORS by Michael Kors; Shoes, CK by Calvin Klein; Brooch, Accessorize; Pen, Parker

There should be a permanent ban on that extremely limiting question often asked in beauty pageants:

“If you were to choose between having either Beauty or Brains, what would you choose and why?”  


Shouldn’t one, after all, approach life with as much pursuit for beauty and matters for the brain?

Oh yes… and World Peace.  I thank you.



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