cupped, captivated, captured

Dearest ______,

I’m starting to think that for the past few years or so, there has been a Movement going on somewhere in the world, propelling Cupcakes to the brink of world domination.  I grew up in the 1990’s, and I’m pretty sure that I would remember if this little dessert had made any impact or even a little presence in those formative years.  But try as I may, I have no real recollection of being over the moon with cupcakes… until now…  just when I’m at an age when I should start thinking about health and sugar levels and all that sh–prinkle.

There are reality- slash- cooking shows on television that revolve around sisters, best friends, and the reality TV staple contestants who all have dedicated their lives to the creation and mastery of the tiny, sweet, sweet goodness of cupcakes…  Mmm…

I would have just dismissed the cupcake as being these past years’ dessert du jour, had I not found out that people have actually already been making cupcakes for every single meal… like Spaghetti cupcakes complete with Bolognese sauce and meatballs… and even going as far as topping cupcakes with seafood and salmon chive cream cheese!  Call me paranoid, but I think the cupcakes are on to us.  We’ve been cupped.  Captivated.  Captured into the tiny clutches of these deceptively cute and yet alarmingly packed- with- yummy- cake fillings dessert.  Or meal, now that I have finally seen the light.

This week’s brain- washing is care of Dessert.Cup, conveniently stationed near my office, which is smack in the middle of the city.  Dessert.Cup, a coyly small stall at the mall, selling all these coyly adorable desserts in, well, cups!   Yummy in my Belly!  Party in my Tummy!

All Hail the Mighty Cupcake!


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5 thoughts on “cupped, captivated, captured”

    1. thanks for the tip! 🙂 i always get my red velvet fix from Cupcakes by Sonja at the Fort! …eto na, kakapalan ko na mukha ko… this weekend, i will TRY to bake na talaga! hahaha.

      1. haha baking you will not forget the day you tried it! sarappp. thanks for the email karla. nagemail din ako some kwentos hahaha – the more i missed you!

  1. @koko i read your 2nd email na! ❤ and positive, good vibes from me to you! … i think people are blessed for a reason – to share. 🙂
    if the intent is always this simple and this good, good things will simply happen!
    LOL. yuck parang life coach lang sa cheesy levels… LOL!

    1. hahaha at this age and time tlagang life coach with cheesy levels on the sides na tayo… over quarter life crisis eh! 🙂
      i hope the glam dreams will work best for us in lalaland!

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