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Dearest ______,

I’ve never been to Universal Studios.  That’s even after being to the States and living here in Singapore for years.

Where have I been?  Not in Universal Studios, that’s for sure.  I don’t know what took me so long to go there (not for lack of being juvenile), but I’m really glad I finally went there over the weekend.  Because Universal Studios = universal fun!

This is their official map at Universal Studios, Singapore. I Photoshopped the real colours and words away, just so you know. They have 7 areas with 7 different themes inside, all based on productions that made it big for Universal Studios. I will be showing you pictures and pictures! To see these, just read the rest of this letter!

This was in "Hollywood", obviously. Oscars trophies all in a row. Wouldn't it be funny if they actually handed these out at the real thing? World's Greatest LOVER? George Clooney for the win!

Things you MUST do in Hollywood:

– Watch Monster Rock ( a 20- minute musical theatre show) at the Pantages Theatre.

– Try to catch the four cute performers who jam like the Beach Boys at Mel’s (50’s inspired, American) Diner!

They're supposed to be boxes for film reels. Wouldn't they make awesome luggage trunks though?
Look at the detail on that baby!

In “New York”, we had pizzas (those really big slices) and watched the parade go by.  We even saw a few very familiar faces…

Hey... he looks just like...

I really, really MISS New York!

Theme Park MUST- Haves:

– Sunblock Lotion

– Fan

– Hat

– Ice Cream!!!

At the Science Fiction front, the Transformers ride did not disappoint.  I’ve heard of people raving all about it, and rightly so!  It’s… it’s… I don’t want to spoil the ride’s twists and turns for you.  Suffice it to say, it’s. very. very. cool.  Operative words: VERY VERY.  What do you expect, it’s Michael Bay- optimus director of all movies VERY VERY.

Battlestar Gallactica, part of it anyway.

Things you MUST do in Science Fiction:

– The VERY VERY … … Transformers Ride!

– Battlestar Gallactica- a monstrosity of a roller coaster.  There are two of them- the Red track and the Blue one.  They say you should ride Red first, which is supposed to be a slightly tamer version of the other (if you call 82km/hr speed and 14 floors off the ground tame).  You progress into the Blue tracks when you’ve shaken off the jelly out of your legs.  But don’t ask me about it… I swear to you, I rode everything… everything except Battlestar Gallactica.  Haha!

Another MUST- watch: Waterworld, a water/ fire/ stunt show at the Lost World area. I can't believe that movie was a flop. The premise was kind of genius, I think (post- apocalyptic setting where Earth's land masses have all sunken and everybody lives in/on water)!

Things you MUST do in Lost World:

– Watch the Waterworld show, where you might get wet… even soaked (this depends on where you sit- you’ll know).

– Ride the Jurassic Park Rapids… such an amazing turn of events at the end of the ride!

– Ride the Canopy Flyer… for a fast and effective rush!

For me, the best ride of them all… was the Mummy Returns.  Killer roller coaster (in the dark) and horror train in one.


Occupational hazard... you know an architect took this shot in a theme park. Haha! (By Jawo Bolivar)

The Madagascar area was not so happening.  The rides were, I think, meant for the younger set (carousels and stuff).  I stopped there to ogle at the cute penguin mascots (from the Madagascar movie) and just stopped for a quick rest, basically.

Far, Far Away, though…

MUST- watch at Far, Far Away? The Shrek 4D movie of course!

And what is a visit to Universal Studios without meeting its stars?

Getting a little too up- close and personal, don't you think? Tap that toned Kung Fu ass!

Never tell this guy he's a crab.
300 Couture, anyone? Lady Gaga would approve.

All in all, it was a pretty fun day!  After all, Universal Studios = universal fun!

Photos 9, 11, 12  by Jawo Bolivar


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