solange in my mind

Dearest ______,

It has recently come to my attention (through the infinitely chic Garance Dore), how very, very, very cool Solange Knowles is.  Beyonce’s little sister is fast- becoming fashion’s It Girl, wowing fashion folk all over the world with her impeccable and effortless sense of day- to- day style.  What life she brings into clothes!  What laughter and joy!

Whatever Thursdays often call for a cocktail, or two (I had one Mr Punch and a Lychee Martini from rooftop bar Mr Punch, near Raffle’s Hotel).  As I was looking down at my shoes… then at my scarf…  I had a little realization.

*Cue Clueless (1995) scene when Cher Horowitz abruptly stops by the fountains to say out loud…*


Street Style 2012, from Harpers Bazaar

Mother, singer, blogger, artist, photographer, Brooklyn NYC- resident, world- traveller… I dare you to not fall in love with her…

and her


With prints on my whites, neon pumps, and the slightest cocktail buzz,

I bid you a very, very, very COOL weekend ahead!


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