elementary my dear watson

Dearest ______,

I know the great sleuth never actually said that in Arthur Conan Doyle’s books, but hey, they’ve made some pretty good movies with that line too.

I’m re- visiting a very important part of my childhood so it seems, by re- reading the many stories of Sherlock Holmes. This time, I’ve let down my guard and finally started reading from my I.Pad. It still feels a little weird, since I’ve been wrestling with the idea of putting down real books for a screen, for months now. When I saw that they had almost every piece of classic literature on iBooks (and for free!), I was a goner. My first (re) read on the I.Pad was Jane Austen over the weekend. I swear, my real bookshelf was mocking me from the corner of the room.

So far, the best thing about reading on an electronic device was that Holmes, Watson, Jones, et al kept me company until the wee hours of dawn, even with stark darkness all around my room. I can’t tell you how gratifying that felt… it was like holding up a flash light under bed sheets while reading Nancy Drew way past your bedtime!

From The Red Headed- League, Holmes only had this to say to his long- time friend, the good Doctor:

It saved me from ennui,” he answered, yawning.

“Alas! I already feel it closing in upon me. My life is spent in one long effort to escape from the commonplaces of existence.

These little problems help me to do so.”

And how could we possibly disagree with one who has, albeit fictitiously, lived in a world full of curiosity, challenge, and adventure?



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