(back) streets of saigon

Dearest ______,

What I love about Saigon (Ho Chi Minh), is that it doesn’t shy away from the fact that it’s a work in progress. I love the many details all across the city that tell stories of its past.

I have hundreds and hundreds of photos from my trip over there years ago. It’s astounding how much stuff you can amass in your hard disk by sheer procrastination. But it’s even more amazing how old photos still manage to give you the same emotions you felt as when you first took those very shots.

Vietnam is a happy and happening place, don’t let my pictures mislead you- I’m just really someone who’s drawn to images that have a little more grit, texture, and character…

I personally find these streets- back streets, I should say- more interesting than the main avenues where they have the Marc Jacobs and Chloe flagship stores…

Don’t you?

I still maintain that this could be the best cup of coffee (at least for me) in the world. If you like it thick and strong, this one’s for you.
Photo irony of that day. Bless this guy!

Like most Asian countries, they had all sorts of street food everywhere. This one seemed to be more like a complete meal already- pasta, chicken, chairs and all!

I’m rooting for Vietnam! (Classic veggie humor, haha!)

They have just the right amount of history, authenticity, and passion to become the next big thing in Asia… Great night life, up- and- coming art/ music/ fashion scene, growing body of modern infrastructure…

For everything cool all over Vietnam… visit our friends at http://anyarena.com/!

Cocktails at a historic hotel’s roof top bar must be had. Extra, extra, extra olives please.

Wining without the H at a small wine lounge in the city.



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