spice is nice

Dearest ______,

From a rather comprehensive Singlish Dictionary I found online, shiok is defined as

shiok /shiok, shuuk, ʃɪɒk, ʃʊk/ a. [< Mal. shok filling with desire, attractive; Mal. shokh attractive, pleasing; mirthful>]

1 Good, fantastic, superb, wonderful. 2 Comfortable, enjoyable, pleasurable. 3 Delicious.

Having lived here for a few years, I know that spice is definitely always nice. So I’ve tried to live with as much of it as possible. There are a gazillion ideas and “things- to- do” compounded on my plate, sometimes I get the fear of maybe eating more than I can chew. But really, if you live in a city as happening and dynamic as this place, how can you not aspire for a little extra spice in everything that you do?

And if you find that you’ve had too much excitement for the week, there’s always some iced Sugar Cane juice to water it down.

Go for the unexpected this weekend- maybe try a yellow curry sandwich or two!



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