let there be light!

Dearest ______,

Owing to my aimless tagging- along the whole day yesterday, I found myself inside a lighting store along Balestier Road called Lumiere. I have to hand it to business people who come up with the most succinct, can’t-get-much-clearer-than-this company names. Nice and easy, Lumiere. Because they sell- light! And in the nicest forms at that.

Like these…

Jeeves and Wooster pendant lamps by Jake Phipps, who was inspired by a British TV show in the early 90’s of the same name.  That show starred younger (but already funny)  versions of Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie!

I could definitely see these inside my hypothetical future home. Probably hanging inside a library with high, exposed beams!

From New York- based multidisciplinary design studio, Rich Brilliant Willing, comes the Clinker pendant lamp.  The name is said to have come from an old boat- making technique, wherein timber slats are overlapped on each other like so:

Designed by RBW (NY) for Innermost (UK), it's amazing how people can take inspiration from literally anywhere (it's a sailboat!) and then make it into something totally cool.

There were the classics, of course, like the Artichoke, 


the Bubble lamps,


and the deceptively retro – Mod looking too, like these Italian- made lamps from Rotaliana:


"The Drink", a chalice- shaped wall mounter, designed by Donegani and Lauda for Rotaliana would be my favorite of the group. Wouldn't it be the wittiest thing to put a long line of these above a bar?
I like looking at bird cages, so this one naturally struck my fancy.

My favorite of that day’s excursion?  EMOTIONAL lighting by Arturo Alvarez!

Why?  Because we go for the melodramatic, haha!  But really, his pieces bordered on the theatrical, I almost shed a tear and threw roses at their feet.  See? Emotional!

This is a popular one called NEVO.


Lastly, looking into the ultra- luxurious, I saw the Swarovksi lamps.  I probably wouldn’t refer these unless people were looking to spend a little more money for a little more bling   but admittedly, they made me kind of swoon.

Lovely in a lamp, made with real Swarovski crystals.



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