hunger games

Dearest ______,

Despite all the meh reviews I’ve read on the internet about the Hunger Games movie, I still opted to watch it because, hey, you always want to see these things for yourself. That being said, I went, I saw, and I concurred…

The Hunger Games movie needs to be fed the following:

1) Character build- up… I kept cringing at the many cheesy, stereotypical ways characters were portrayed. Eek at “high school jock and in- crowd” references- they were supposedly gritty in the books… There were too many gaps in the story because the characters (again, the way they were meticulously written in the books) were not properly introduced and developed in the movie.
2) Better story- telling… Too many useless scenes with random flashes of memories brought up here and there, when the movie showed nothing else to really support the weight of these histories. We get it, District 12 is poor, Katniss is the sole “bread- winner” (hohoho, and Peeta is the baker’s son)… As my date said, there’s no climactic moment, so there’s nothing leading to anything. Things are just happening and you don’t feel anything, save for the occasional rush (Although I really liked it when they were first released from the tubes and the sound was completely cut-off… Everything after that was +/-).
3) Production value, especially at the Capitol scenes… We all know the place is some garish, glitz and glamour nightmare… but the production- sets, costumes, extras (baaad background acting) could’ve been classier, to make it more sinister. This was too clownish… But clownish can be done in a nice way (like Tim Burton’s Batman in 1989)… You get what I mean? No? Aack!
4) More eye- candy… Peeta was… like pita… flat…
5) More Battle Royale, less Twilight… although to be fair, the girl playing Katniss was a million times better than Kirsten Stewart. Maybe if we take the hot guys from Twilight and put them into the Hunger Games, we’d get somewhere? I know they toned it down for PG-13, but if the kids have read the books beforehand, shouldn’t their imaginations already preempt all the supposed gore in the movie adaptation?
6) A decent conclusion. Really.


I read all the books in 2010 and 2011, enjoyed them too. So I was really rooting for the movie not to suck. My date hadn’t read any of the books and he, too, wanted to have a good time.

While Rotten Tomatoes gave it an 85%, I’m too loyal a book- fan to be that forgiving hence I’m giving it a 40%. Sorry, but here’s hoping they make the next one better… And may the odds always be in their favor!



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3 thoughts on “hunger games”

  1. Haha!! So true about PITA!
    When they kissed I was like…”For real?…. Why isn’t he dying yet”

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