SS 2012 … at ikea

Dearest ______,

Furniture snobs be damned- for most of us who cannot afford dare not purchase anything from Philippe Starck or Herman Miller, it’s understandable how Ikea could easily become our candy store:

We get very excited, look around for hours, and basically sense no imminent danger of walking away with a preposterous single- seater in place of the month’s salary inside our wallets…  unless you have the most saccharine of sweet teeth, or in this case, a whole freakin’ house to re- decorate.

Like a child who’s gone out to get some lollies, I was at Ikea last Sunday, excited and in want of some reasonably- priced (eye) candies.  Going around for a few hours, I realized how much their stuff resembled those of the runways of New York/Paris/London Fashion Week for Spring-Summer 2012’s collections.

Colors.  Prints.  Flowers.

That, my dear Karim Rasheed, is a 5- dollar stool. What's that? It's hideous? We think not.
Laser- cut objects are very interesting, because you end up seeing more than just one thing... There's the solid, opaque object, and then there's always varying degrees of shadow play (dependent on the light source). So if you really think about it, they're three- dimensional buys!

Cute designer alert! Hello, blondie... (the lamp, okay?)

Nice colors on a classic form.
Spring in a bowl.
I really REALLY like these vine- like fiber optic lamps.

I spy prints that didn't make it to the trousers' factory! Ha!
Cute designer alert 2!

Have you seen signs of Spring and Summer lately?



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3 thoughts on “SS 2012 … at ikea”

    1. yes… or kahit tumingin- tingin lang for ideas! yung mga mini- showroom (condo/ studio set- up, etc) may okay din na design solutions para sa small spaces 🙂


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